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Open your eyes, open your hearts,
Together, we can make a difference.

The inspiration behind the creation of the MONEGASQUE INSPIRATION CHILDHOOD ASSOCIATION, A.M.I.E., stems from a profound act of kindness and love. 

The missions of the A.M.I.E. association are:

  • Support and help children around the world who are in tough situations (poverty, health, education, etc.).

  • Develop children's interests and abilities, encourage them to live, create, and be inspired.

  • Help children stay away from drugs by providing information and prevention.

  • Teach children to be compassionate, empathetic, and kind to others.

Children's inspiration, smiles, and joy light up our lives with a special glow. This light reflects in our hearts, reminding us of our roots and that there is a child within each of us, waiting for our unconditional love.

The association was created to offer activities in Monaco and other countries to enrich children's lives, without any distinction of race, gender, or religion, and completely independent of politics. Our goal is to help the new generation develop understanding and tolerance for others, overcome obstacles, find inspiration, and support their growth.

We organise fairs and charity events for children worldwide. These events are held in hospitals, orphanages, concert halls, and at various associations or foundations that help children in different countries.

The association organises movie screenings, cartoons, cultural events, talks, and activities on different themes related to education and fun: movies, animation, drawing, painting, dance, music, sculpture, sports, theater, and more. This helps children grow physically and spiritually, enjoy life, and express themselves.

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