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Carabiniers du Prince


As part of the "Journey through the Professions" program, children from schools in Monaco and France visited the Prince's Carabiniers in Monaco. The Carabiniers kindly answered the children's questions about their jobs and showed them around the Carabiniers' history museum. In the future, perhaps one of these children will earn the honor of becoming a Prince's Carabinier and taking the oath.


02.05.2020 - 20.05.2020

During the difficult period of the COVID-19 health crisis, immediately after the lockdown, in collaboration with the association "Les Anges Gardiens de Monaco," purchases and collections of food and essentials were organized to assist hungry families and those in need in France and Italy.


01 Novembre

The charitable mission "Giving Warmth to Children" involves collecting warm clothing for children aged 3 to 18 in orphanages. The clothes, totaling 150 kg, are collected in Monaco and France and then transported to orphanages in Kyrgyzstan.



More than 100 children living in orphanages received gifts and had fun during the charity event "Santa Claus Plays Basketball." It took place on a Sunday in Suceava, Romania.

Carabiniers du Prince


At the orphanage in Romania, in the spirit of "Restoring the Colours of Life to Children," A.M.I.E. is already supplying the materials needed for the children's art activities.



A charity event called "Time Machine" took place for the children of the "Center for Social Rehabilitation for Minors" in Chişinău.



With the support of the Directorate of National Education, Youth, and Sports, as part of the educational program for Monaco's schoolchildren to study world literature, we presented a film. Three hundred Monegasque schoolchildren attended this screening at the Théâtre des Variétés.

Фото Рождество для детей в госпитале Мон


In collaboration with SMILEYS of AMADE-Monaco, Jean-Pierre Dirick, Claudio Melotto (Arcimboldo Global Communications), and the Administration of the Princess Grace Hospital Center, we organized the Christmas Tree, a celebration for children with a screening of a cartoon at the Princess Grace Hospital Center.

IMG_5768 - Copie.PNG


To help children and as part of the "Growing with Compassion" mission, a Monegasque schoolchild distributed food to families in need in Nice.

"I felt a deep sadness at what I saw, and I am happy to be able to help people."



Thanks to the support of our partners, the boarding school received an interactive screen and equipment to help children of all ages with health issues study.

2019-06-03 13.00.23.jpg


During "Children's Day," the AMIE association, along with partners and benefactors, organized an event called "Bringing Happiness to Children." This event brought joy to disabled children at the boarding school in Moldova through activities, gifts, and surprises.

WhatsApp Video 2018-11-24 at 21.51.05_Mo


As part of the "Growing Up with Sports" mission, we participated in organising a sports event (a football match) with the help of our representative in Moldova, Alena Reznik, at an orphanage in Chișinău.



A.M.I.E. provides art classes once or twice a week throughout the year to children of different ages and with various health issues at the boarding school in Chişinău.



On October 20, the "Children for Children" mission began. Schoolchildren from Monaco painted postcards called "The Bird of Peace" to send warm wishes to the children at the "School of Joy" in Bethlehem.

Maki Fest 2 (дети в холле).jpg


With the support of the Directorate of National Education, Youth, and Sports, we organised various screenings. Through these films, schoolchildren from Romania were able to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of Romanian literature, poetry, and culture. Two hundred fifty Romanian schoolchildren attended the screening at the Théâtre des Variétés.


29.10.15 - 30.10.15

We organised a series of screenings of films and cartoons for children at the Théâtre des Variétés in Monaco, with support from the Government of Monaco.



At Christmas, dreams come true for those who believe in miracles!

On December 25, 2020, with the help of our partners, we organized the Magic Christmas Tree at the boarding school. The children wrote and sent their wishes to Santa Claus...

IMG_1817 - Copie (2).JPG


In Suceava, Romania, in the same spirit, "Father Plays Basketball" involved children receiving gifts, playing basketball, and having fun in the charitable event.

IMG_8591 (2).JPG


In Monaco, at Espace Léo Ferré, a cultural event for children was organized in collaboration with PromoArt: "International Classical Dance Examinations by Lorena Baricalla."  



The association A.M.I.E. participated in the treatment of a little girl named Inesa who suffers from a condition called cerebral palsy.

Приглашение на праздник 17.02.18_edited_


With the support of the Princely Government of Monaco, AMIE organized an event for children titled "A Fairy Tale from India" at the Rainier III Auditorium in Monaco.

Фото с показа MAKI FEST._edited.jpg

12.04.17 et 22.02.17

In collaboration with the Monegasque association "Jeune J'Ecoute," we organized a cartoon screening for the children. At the end of the screening, the children received toys as a memento of the good times.

Maki fest 2.jpg


On January 29, 2016, with the support of the Directorate of National Education, Youth, and Sports, we organized a film screening as part of an educational program for Monaco's schoolchildren to study world literature. Three hundred fifty Monegasque schoolchildren attended the third screening of children's films at the Théâtre des Variétés.

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